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By Peter Cai | 22 December 2020 | 0 Comments

How to Place the order in Qooth ?

1\ How do I make payment?

Step 1. Find a product -Select size, color & quantity etc.- Click "Buy Now"or 'Add to cart';

Step 2. Provide shipping address;

Step 3. Select a method for payment-enter the payment information, card info. for instance- Click "Confirm";
Step 4. Apply coupon if any-Click "Place Order".

2\ Which payment Method Qooth Support?

1.Bank Transfer

2.Paypal (Includes Credit Card Pay)



3\ How to use Credit Card to pay the order?

Step 1.Choose paypal 

Step 2.Click the black button( below the Paypal button) to check out by Credit Card Pay

Step 3. If you do not want to register a paypal account , just select the "no" Option (as the above pictrue show)


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